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Xigbar x Demyx
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WELCOME TO scarsandsitars ! A community dedicated to:

XigbarxDemyx baybee

THERE ARE A COUPLE EASY RULES. Please don't break them and make us have to chase you down with something sharp ♥

1) Keep the posts related to Xigbar x Demyx! it doesn't have to be the main pairing, but they better not be those tiny dots on the horizon

2) Have all art/fics/extremely long posts under an lj-cut. if it's a single icon, alright, but if it exceeds 250x250 use an lj cut, mmk?

3) WARN PEOPLE IF IT'S NWS(not work safe).

4) Don't be a rude @$$ (ex: dissing pairings because they aren't what you like/flaming people for no reason/being a troll)

5) AND MOST IMPORTANT! Don't be afraid to post things and have fun! ♥♦


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