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19 August 2007 @ 11:50 pm
They Say We Don't Have One (part three)  

I do not own these characters.
There is slash involved
Couples (during the course of the fanficts):
DemyxAxel, DemyxXigbar, XigbarXaldin
If you do not like male slash
and do not want to read about it, DON'T

This is a love story with of our dear Demyx.

He has fallen in love with Xigbar, who has taken him under his wing to warm up to the organization. Xigbar seems to return affection back, but once Demyx learns of a rumor that Xigbar is in love with Xaldin, Demyx seeks out Axel for advice. Once Axel gets involved with Demyx's problem, he must choose between helping Demyx or helping himself.

Part Three: Xaldin and Xigbar get hot-n-heavy while Axel is looking to confront Xigbar. But after their rendezvous, Xaldin comes out with how he really about Xigbar. The truth sets Xigbar sort himself out.